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Mindful leadership PROGRAM

Discover your greater purpose & manifest your vision into reality.

Living In The Gap’s Mindful Leadership Program is a 9-month program designed to support and guide heart-centered professionals to reach new heights.

This program is specifically designed for professionals, CEOs, and entrepreneurs who:

Feel called to make a substantial impact in their personal, family, and professional life

Know they are just scratching the surface when it comes to reaching their true potential

Want to explore new ways of being and doing (what got you here won’t take you to the next level…)

Feel like they have so much to give the world but could use some guidance and support

Thrive when surrounded by people who want to make a difference in the world AND live an extraordinary life!

Have an interest in learning meditation, mindfulness techniques, and mindful movement and how they can guide their pathway to success and happiness.

living in the gap

Living in The Gap will guide you in transformational tools for personal and professional development.

You’ll explore heart-centered leadership, community service as a way to give back, and entrepreneurship to allow you to generate resources and wealth to support your dreams.

During our time together you’ll:

Create a vision for your life filled with purpose, joy, and fulfillment

Implement habits in your everyday life that support your goals and vision

Take consistent steps towards realizing dreams beyond what you thought was possible

How to create daily habits that support your ideal lifestyle

Tap into the non-conscious via mindfulness and meditation to reveal hidden blocks to your success

Learn about your “inner archetypes”,  how to work with them to stop sabotaging yourself and spend more time in your zone of genius

Create a detailed “Personal Vision & Plan” and learn to intentionally create your future

Going through this 9 month intensive program has been the single greatest, most impactful thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

John Covert

Zonda Home

The program changed my life in a way I never thought possible, and didn’t even think I needed. I have built life-long connections and friendships from this program. The program has given me the tools to live a better life. 

Nate Melchior

Dunton Commercial

This program held my feet to the fire to truly be the man I want to be. I now feel confident that I can not only achieve whatever I put my mind to, but that I have the tools to be fully aligned every day.” 

Dave Raffelock

Profound Purpose Coaching

Living in The Gap’s Mindful Leadership Program is a guide, a roadmap designed to give you tools so you can feel limitless, abundant, energized, creative, on purpose, and unstoppable!

“Living in the Gap offers you a rare opportunity to truly look at what is vs what you want it to be. You learn how to take action and form life-changing habits.”  

Chris Johnston

LC Real Estate Group

“The Leadership in the Gap Program is the real deal. It has brought important things into focus for me including “who I am.”  I’ve been exposed to self-development programs in the past, and the “fire” often fades after a few weeks or months.  LIG provides a framework for ongoing accountability and repetition which ultimately makes growth, development and improvement of your life a habit. The program has helped me to grow in all facets of my life”.  

Devin Ferry

Partner FR Corp

“Eric’s love of life and attitude to look within is contagious. He will challenge and push you, at times to uncomfortable places but always out of love, support, and encouragement. He’s there to guide you through the process but the goals and destination are up to you!”

Mike Kendall


Explore The Positive Impact of Mindfulness With These Informative Videos:

Session 1: What’s Possible?

Explore what is possible with personal and professional mindfulness with Dr. Eric Holsapple in this video. Here you’ll learn some of the concepts that the Mindful Leadership Program takes a much deeper dive into.

Session 2: Who Am I?

Learn the ways we uncover who you truly are in this video with Ryan Holsapple and how these processes can bring you into alignment with your true purpose.

Details Coming Soon

Kick-off Zoom call: August 2023

Fall Intensives: 4 days in October 2023
Winter Intensives: 3 days in January 2023
Spring Intensives: 2 days in April 2023

*These intensives are in-person in Northern Colorado, United States.

Intensives are full-day deep dives that will teach more complex material in a safe environment for new experiences and create the space for transformation in a group setting.

Registration for the 2022-2023 Program closed July 30th, 2022


Virtual Zoom Sessions

We’ll meet twice a month for live group Zoom meetings. These live video calls are 90 minutes each. A recording will be available within 48 hours for you to download if you can’t attend live.

You’ll also get:

4 (60-minute) one-on-one mentoring sessions

Weekly accountability calls with your peers

You’ll meet with your peers for weekly accountability calls so you can get support, be inspired and share your progress. Accountability is key to sticking to your new life-enhancing routine!


You’ll establish a daily morning routine including gratitude, meditation, mindful movement and journaling. Establishing a habitual mindfulness practice is where the magic happens as it sets the tone for each day. Get ready to start your day grounded, calm, and anchored in possibility!

Establishing a habit of mindfulness is where magic happens

The practices we’ll teach you will train your non-conscious mind to work on your behalf to break unhealthy habits. With practice you can change the programming!

With these practices, you’ll become more productive, clear-minded, focused and you’ll accomplish more in less time!

Still think you don’t have time for a daily mindfulness practice?

Research has shown that people who meditate on a regular basis have access to more brain capacity thus making them more productive and capable of problem-solving. Meditation and mindfulness practices have been shown to reduce anxiety, improve stress response and sleep quality, increase energy and reduce levels of depression.


(Optional but highly recommended)

You’ll be invited to volunteer with a non-profit or community of your choice. Giving back is not only rewarding but enriching on so many levels! 

Time + financial investment

2023-2024 program Details

You should expect to spend about 7+ hours per week exploring mindfulness, attending class meetings, and completing (fun!) assignments. Official registration will open January 1st, 2023. Join the interested list below to get notified. 

Tuition: $6,750 if paid by May 15, 2023
$7,500 if paid after May 15, 2023
Registration will close June 30, 2023

Scholarship: Emerging Leader Scholarships are available 

Tuition includes: Workshops, class time, and all meetings. Not included: travel, lodging, meals, books, subscriptions, incidental supplies, and equipment.


Join The Interested List

Living in the Gap’s MINDFUL Leadership Program is an invitation to open yourself up to new possibilities, to try new things, explore new ways of doing and thinking, and dive in fully in a transformative experience even if it challenges you to get out of your comfort zone!

“This program has opened my eyes and heart to what I want, how I can get there and the support and habits I need to do it.”

Bailey Charles

LC Home

“The most incredible spiritual journey that combines yoga, mindfulness, and leadership principles.” 

Chris Atib

Loveland Housing Authority

“LIG is a simple, yet incredibly effective system for anyone that is looking for a deeper meaning in life”. 

Lance Eberhard,

Colliers International

your teachers

Dr. Eric Holsapple

Founder & Mentor

Dr. Eric Holsapple has been in Commercial Real Estate on a national basis for over 35 years and developed commercial projects with tenants such as Kroger, Walgreens, and Target and has developed hundreds of residential and mixed-use projects.

Holsapple taught real estate at Colorado State University for 20 years and help found the Everitt Real Estate Center and served as Executive Director of Real Estate.

He has also studied yoga and meditation for over 25 years and runs a leadership development program called  “Living in the Gap” that trains professionals to make the most of their lives, businesses, and communities.

Read Dr. Eric Holsapple's full bio

ryan holsapple

Transformational Guide

Ryan has achieved a master's degree in Depth Psychology with a specialization in Jungian and Archetypal Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute. He is certified in Self Soul Spirit and Gestalt facilitation through life-long psychologist Dr. Roger Strachan. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Naropa University. He is currently a Ph.D. student at Pacifica Graduate Institute continuing his study of Depth Psychology. He is a certified Nature-Connected Coach (NCC) and alumnus of the Earth-Based Institute (EBI). He is an alumnus of InnerPathWorks, having trained with Randy Russell. Ryan has additional training from the Tracker School under the guidance of Tom Brown, Jr.

Ryan is passionate about guiding and supporting others to access and unlock their own innate wisdom and empowerment through mentoring, facilitating, and teaching.


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