Welcome To Living In The Gap

Discover your purpose, create meaningful relationships, and achieve higher levels of performance through mindfulness.



Discover your purpose, create meaningful relationships, and achieve higher levels of performance through mindfulness.

Welcome To Living
In The Gap



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Profit with Presence: The Twelve Pillars of Mindful Leadership

By Dr. Eric J. Holsapple, founder of Living in the Gap

Learn how to apply mindfulness personally, professionally, and in your family life to find true success. Find Out More!

About living in the gap


To “live in the gap” means to live in the space between our inner dialogue, the space between where one thought stops and another begins. This space is stillness, and the source of peace, joy, and happiness. Thought is where stress resides. Through practicing mindfulness, you can get out of incessant thinking and into the gap.


Living In The Gap teaches business professionals, entrepreneurs and CEOs principles of leadership and business growth anchored in mindfulness practices.

Research has shown that mindfulness tools such as meditation can help increase performance + productivity at work while lowering stress levels. 

Practically, this looks like shorter meetings, and a clearer mind able to find solutions to complex problems without the usual pressure that leads to stress, anxiety and burn-out.

Living in the Gap offers a new way to lead and succeed in business: one anchored in mindful presence, peace of mind, and gratitude.

When you learn and apply our Mindful Leadership Principles, you’ll achieve higher levels of performance without the usual stress. Your team thrives and employees become more engaged in creating a giving back culture where everyone benefits.

Living in The Gap | Mindfulness Leadership Training

What our  PROGRAMS can do for you

We work with passionate, mission-driven leaders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs who want to make a bigger difference in the world.

During our in-person and virtual workshops, you’ll learn a unique framework anchored in mindfulness principles that will enable you to access higher levels of performance while being more present and calm.

Our mission is to shift the old paradigm (which believes that stress and pressure are necessary to perform) and to prove that, in fact, you can be more creative and nimble when you operate from a grounded, mindful state.

“The Living in the Gap Program is the real deal.  It has brought important things into focus for me including “who I am.”  I’ve been exposed to self-development programs in the past, and the “fire” often fades after a few weeks or months.  LITG provides a framework for ongoing accountability and repetition which ultimately makes growth, development and improvement of your life a habit. The program has helped me to grow in all facets of my life”.  

Devin Ferry

Partner FR Corp

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson 

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