12 pillars of Mindful Leadership

When businesses learn and apply our 12 Pillars of Mindful Leadership, they achieve higher levels of performance without the usual stress. Teams thrive and employees become more engaged in creating a giving back culture where everyone benefits.

Scroll to learn more + watch a presentation by Dr. Eric Holsapple where he dives into the 12 Pillars of Mindful Leadership.

12 Pillars of mindful leadership

Core teachings of Living In the Gap

1. Be Present and Practice Mindfulness
2. Identify Your Purpose in Life
3. Create Clarity, Vision, Intention, and Commitment
4. Be Do Have
5. Show up, Take Action, Be Detached from Results
6. Be Responsible and Practice Non-judgment
7. Foster Relationships: Be Your Word and Listen
8. Be in Flow, Create Affluence and Influence
9. Be Grateful, Give Generously, and Serve
10. Practice Acceptance: Drop All Resistance and Complaint
11. Take Everything Impersonally: Let Life Flow Through You
12. Have Beginner’s Mind: Know Nothing and Be Curious


Living In The Gap teaches principles of leadership and business growth anchored in mindfulness practices.

Our programs are specifically designed for successful professionals, CEOs, and mission-driven entrepreneurs who want to make a bigger difference in the world.

12 pillars of Mindful Leadership

“LITG is a simple, yet incredibly effective system for anyone that is looking for a deeper meaning in life”. 

Lance Eberhard

Colliers International

“The Leadership in the Gap Program is the real deal.  It has brought important things into focus for me including “who I am.”  I’ve been exposed to self-development programs in the past, and the “fire” often fades after a few weeks or months.  LIG provides a framework for ongoing accountability and repetition which ultimately makes growth, development and improvement of your life a habit. The program has helped me to grow in all facets of my life”.  

Devin Ferry

Partner FR Corp

“This program has opened my eyes and heart to what I want, how I can get there and the support and habits I need to do it.” 

Bailey Charles,

LC Home

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